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From my very first contact with Recruit Arrow, through the application process, interviews, and my acceptance of the position, this service was an invaluable asset. My recruiter gave me insight into the company by sharing her own experiences and views.

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Specialized Focus

1. At Recruit Arrow, We Seek to Understand the Needs of Our Clients.
2. At Recruit Arrow, We Will Promote Your Position to the Correct Demographic and Highlight Your Company's Strengths in the Process.
3. At Recruit Arrow, We will Screen and Interview Candidates Before Presenting Them to You.
4. At Recruit Arrow, We Will Assist You in Transitioning the Candidate to Your Corporation.

At Recruit Arrow, we focus on (1) understanding the needs of our clients, (2) promoting your position to the correct demographic and highlighting your corporation's strengths in the process, (3) screening and interviewing candidates before presenting them to you for your position, and (4) assisting you with transitioning your new hire.

Here at Recruit Arrow, we have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of several specific and specialized job markets and the professionals who thrive in them.

1. At Recruit Arrow, We Seek to Understand the Needs of Our Clients.

The needs of every corporation are different. The sophistication of the work required of a given professional is also different. With our knowledge and ability to screen candidates, we can set the bar as high as you wish in assisting you with identifying professionals for your organization. We want to be your partner in choosing your next professional, as well as all of your future hires.

With decades of experience in screening candidates, the consultants at Recruit Arrow have the ability to assist you in recruiting the sort of professional that is likely to thrive in the position. Understanding your corporate culture and your needs helps us make this identification.

2. At Recruit Arrow, We Will Promote Your Position to the Correct Demographic and Highlight Your Corporation's Strengths in the Process.

Few corporations realize that when they hire a recruiting firm, they are hiring a public relations firm to carry out an aggressive campaign to make executives and professionals want to work for them. Whether we are advertising your corporation in a national magazine, on an Internet job board, or simply speaking with candidates around the country on the telephone about your organization, we are carrying our public relations campaign on your behalf. This is work we take very seriously.

The executives we speak with during the course of your search and the professionals who ultimately become your employees will be greatly influenced by their contact with us and tell numerous people about their interaction with our company. Your recruiting firm is your public relations agent for the job searching community.

Identifying the correct demographic for your position is no easy task and is only something we can do once we are familiar with your company and the sorts of professionals you are seeking. When you enlist Recruit Arrow to assist you with this, you are dealing with a powerhouse. We have more than 200 employees, and the majority of these employees are dedicated to research. In terms of our research abilities, we can quickly ascertain the precise candidates who are likely to be good fits for your openings.

Once we have identified the core demographic for your position, we then seek to ensure that this demographic is notified of your opening. Here, again, we have abilities that none of our competitors can match. We will promote your position anonymously or list your company's name across a wide variety of media. In most cases, we will institute campaigns based on calling, emailing, and writing the correct demographic; reviewing the files of current and unplaced past candidates; scanning all pertinent resume-posting sites not controlled by us; and scouring Internet and print media advertising. It is our belief that a combination of all approaches is the most likely way to ensure that the demographic of candidates we are seeking to reach on your behalf is reached.

Given our resources, we can also promote your positions internally on an Employment Research Institute-controlled job board, EmploymentCrossing. This is the largest board in the world in terms of traffic and gives us the ability to promote your position more aggressively and with less cost.

3. At Recruit Arrow, We will Screen and Interview Candidates Before Presenting Them to You.

There are many components that concern us when we are assisting you with the hiring of the perfect candidate. These components are most often invisible to non-recruiters and others who are not experienced in hiring professionals on a day-to-day basis. Our role is to ensure that you find the candidate who best matches exactly what you are seeking.

The professionals we deal with are extremely motivated individuals by nature. All have been to college, and most did very well in college. Most of the candidates we work with also did very well in graduate school and managed to get jobs in top companies after graduation.

The issue with all of this motivation is that it is often difficult to tell what it will mean to a future employer.

Most employees with strong pedigrees come from backgrounds where they did a lot of work in solitude. This means that the professionals were engaged in a lot of study and that they were at the same time quite motivated while studying and excelled beyond their peers. When most companies and corporations are seeking professionals, they are (or should be) generally seeking people with these characteristics. Being able to concentrate for long periods of time and having a great deal of motivation when solving problems are characteristics of most good professionals.

At Recruit Arrow, our interest is in assisting you in screening the correct professional for your opening. Hiring mistakes can be extremely expensive, and by being on your team, we can assist you in ensuring that you hire the best candidates.

Our screening process involves much more than simply reviewing resumes and sending out rejection letters. Instead, our screening entails understanding the true nature of the candidate who will be going to work for you.

4. At Recruit Arrow, We Will Assist You in Transitioning the Candidate to Your Corporation.

Just because an offer has been accepted does not always mean that the candidate will be showing up for work. One of our jobs as search consultants is to ensure that once an offer has been extended and accepted, the candidate remains interested in working for your company.

None of this involves manipulation. Instead, our main interest is just ensuring that expectations on both sides are known. Here, it is important that the professional you are hiring clearly understands your organization, and vice versa.


The methodology we follow at Recruit Arrow is geared towards ensuring your interests are represented as well as possible and at every level. We believe we bring a great deal of depth to the process and due to our strength as a branch of the largest job board in the world, we can certainly afford to educate you where necessary.

An organization can rise or fall based on the quality of the people inside of it. Whether you are a small entrepreneurial company or a Fortune 500 company, your needs are important to us at Recruit Arrow, and we are seeking to fill these positions as well as possible.

In many cases, we have offered our candidates the option of taking psychological assessment tests; and this has proved to be a good option for screening out the sorts of professionals you simply do not want inside of your organization.

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