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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What can a search consultant offer that we could not find on our own?
Q. What is the most important thing to look for when hiring a new professional?
Q. Should a company do an exclusive or nonexclusive search?
Q. How will Recruit Arrow locate candidates for me?
Q. What are your fees?


Q. What is the best way to work with Recruit Arrow?
Q. What makes Recruit Arrow different from other placement firms?


Q. What can a search consultant offer that we would not be able to find on our own?
A. The largest advantage of hiring a search consultant is not his/her ability to generate resumes; it is the fact that a good search consultant's interests are aligned with your own. Because many corporations do not have an in-depth knowledge of how to screen candidates, the search consultant will typically have a much greater understanding of the types of professionals that are likely to succeed in a given corporation.

Search consultants speak with countless candidates each day. In addition, these search consultants are actively speaking with hiring organizations all the time. The result of all of this input is that the search consultant develops an extremely good understanding of the sorts of professionals that are likely to thrive and those that are destined to fail. This ability to screen candidates is a major advantage that a good search consultant brings to the table when assisting any corporation.

In addition to the screening, the search consultant can also go out into the market and locate candidates for the corporation. This is a major time-saver for the corporation and something few corporations, even those with adept recruiting departments, have the skill or patience to deal with.

As search consultants, we are privy to a class-based understanding of professionals, which allows us the ability to distinguish among the qualification levels of thousands of different types of candidates. While which college or graduate school the candidate attended may be meaningful, there are also subtler distinctions, such as the work experiences he or she has had. In the corporate world there are numerous ways to characterize a particular candidate and understand how well he/she is likely to do in his/her next job and how qualified he/she really is. Our ability to understand this and communicate this to you is one major advantage that we bring to the search process. We aim to convey this information to all of our clients in well-written and comprehensive write-ups that show you the sort of professional you are getting.

Q. What is the most important thing to look for when hiring a new professional?
A. This depends on the needs of the particular corporation. Regardless of whether you are seeking a senior candidate, a top executive, or an employee with a diversified set of skills, there are certain things we believe are important in the screening of new employees for your organization.

One of our many jobs at Recruit Arrow is reviewing resumes. In reviewing resumes, we are able to identify numerous characteristics of qualified candidates. One of the more common is the candidate who has had several jobs in a relatively short period of time. This is a pattern that became particularly pronounced in the late 1990s and into 2000 as many employees moved around at a dizzying pace looking for stock options. One employee (who did not hold any job for more than a few months) actually found a position with a competing corporation in San Francisco through an advertisement that was shown before a movie.

When you hire an employee, you are making an investment in your company. Likewise, you want a professional who is going to be invested in you and your company. While money is one way to achieve this, at Recruit Arrow, we believe that there are simply different classes of individuals out there that will react to employment situations in a very predictable way. We call these attorneys "gems" and "kites." Your objective is to hire gems.

One attribute of a gem is that it is consistently shining. A good gem also has some weight to it and is permanent in that no one is ever going to throw away a good gem and most gems stay with their owners forever. Think of a wedding ring, for example. A gem can be rained on, it can be heated, and it can be banged around; yet it still remains brilliant and bright. Over time, you come to like the gem more, and you associate memories with it because it has been with you a long time. The gem never had any intention of going anywhere. If someone tries to take your gem away from you, you will get very defensive. You may love your gem regardless of whether it is of the highest quality or lowest quality. Your gem is there to stay with you.

There are employees out there who are gems. A gem is one who, once he/she finds a job, is very content and will stay there. He/She will not leave his/her position when times become difficult - the gem is from the earth and stays connected to whoever is its owner. You could actually break the gem if you wanted, but it would take a lot of effort.

In contrast is the kite. The kite will go wherever the wind takes it and is only connected to its owner by a string. The kite will be damaged by rain and heat. In addition, the kite may look very pretty when it is new, but over time it may become ugly and will not perform as well as it did the day it was new. The kite is not connected to you and is always looking for a new wind to take it away.

The most important thing that any corporation can do when hiring an employee is to look for a gem. A gem is the sort of professional who is never likely to move around for the sake of simply moving and seeks stability and will weather the circumstances with his/her employer in the name of stability. This sort of employee is also someone who is likely to put forth a good effort at all times and continually improve his/her work on behalf of the organization.

The kite, however, will constantly compare him/herself and his/her position to potential employers and worry if his/her position does not appear as good as someone else's position. This is also the sort of employee who is likely to criticize his current or former organization when interviewing. This candidate will only put forth effort in his position depending upon how he perceives his job in relation to others jobs at his current company.

While it is not necessary to go into a further psychological analysis of employees, it is important to realize that there are numerous different types of candidates and that you need to concern yourself with attracting gems and not kites.

Q. Should a company do an exclusive or nonexclusive search?
A. While a search firm is always happy to take your contingency-fee-based search regardless of whether the search is exclusive or nonexclusive; there are major advantages to doing exclusive searches.

When you do an exclusive search, you are allowing the search consultant to take the time to understand your company, and you are providing him/her assurances that his/her efforts on your behalf are not going to be wasted. As such, you are likely to get better candidates in a much more rapid manner than you would if you did not do an exclusive search. In fact, in most exclusive searches, you will be speaking with your search consultant and representatives of Recruit Arrow on an ongoing basis. This is important and will ensure that your investment in an employee is one that provides benefits.

As has been discussed above, there are many hidden variables involved in hiring professionals that are useful for you to be aware of in the hiring process. When you do an exclusive search with Recruit Arrow, we can take the time to understand your needs and convey to you the strengths of the various candidates you are considering for openings in your company.

An exclusive search is almost always going to get you results faster than a nonexclusive search. Most corporations are seeking employees with very specific backgrounds and skills, and an exclusive search allows the consultant to devote the time necessary to assisting you with tracking down candidates with the given qualifications you are seeking.

Q. How will Recruit Arrow locate candidates for me?
A. Recruit Arrow is a division of Employment Research Institute, a multinational corporation with more than 225 employees throughout the world that is responsible for getting more than 100,000 professionals jobs per year. Whether it is our use of media or our internal database of more than 200,000 professionals who have contacted us while searching for positions, we are confident we can locate the best candidates for your opening(s).

Q. What are your fees?
A. Our fees are 25% of the professional's first-year annual base compensation. While we understand that corporations may be used to be paying less, we believe that our service distinguishes us far beyond any of our competitors and the cost of using Recruit Arrow is well worth it.


Q. What is the best way to work with Recruit Arrow?
A. If you have any interest of changing jobs either now or in the future, your best option is to submit your resume to us either by submitting it to or online by CLICKING HERE.

Regardless of whether or not we currently have a position matching your interests, rest assured that we will contact you when and if we have an appropriate position for you. We are eager to discuss your career goals and what you are seeking in terms of an in-house career.

Q. What makes Recruit Arrow different from other placement firms?
A. All we do at Recruit Arrow are specialized placements of skilled professionals in specialized job markets. Focusing on specific industries means that our livelihood and success as a company is entirely dependent upon how well we understand the markets and the professionals interested in working in them.

As a division of Employment Research Institute, the largest professional employment conglomerate in the world, we have the resources and expertise to serve you with more information, more understanding, and more options than any recruitment firm anywhere.

Let Recruit Arrow go to work for you.

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