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From my very first contact with Recruit Arrow, through the application process, interviews, and my acceptance of the position, this service was an invaluable asset. My recruiter gave me insight into the company by sharing her own experiences and views.

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Interview Tips: How to Approach the Higher-Ups


Interview Tip #1: Stand out.

It sounds simple, but it's important. Your HR Department has to go through many applicants so once you get your interview set-up, make sure to arrive on time and dress to impress. You need to look the part and present yourself in a professional manner. Show up early to show-off that responsible trait. If you're a woman, pull your hair back and wear closed-toe shoes. If you're a man, make sure to iron that shirt to perfection and sport a nice tie.

Interview Tip #2: Prepare!

It would do you some good to research. HR departments can offer some insight on your position and the job, but it's up to you to come prepared to the interview. The useful site many of us know as ''Google'' provides some great information, especially when you use it to search about a company. Coming prepared can also calm you down, offering less stress and nerves to deal with. Research about your employer and focus on the company's mission. An employer's website can tell you a lot, including ideas or hints in what they want and look for in an employer.

Interview Tip #3: Be Honest.

Don't put up an act or be someone you are not. Employers can see through a façade, and claiming you are capable of a certain task when you really aren't isn't the best way to go. Focus on your strengths and what you excel at. Coming across as confident in your abilities will let the HR director or any other individual interviewing you, know that they can rely on your honesty and responsible demeanor.

Interview Tip #4: Don't sell yourself short.

Represent yourself to the fullest. Let your employer know your past experience and what you will bring to the table. This is not the time to be shy or doubt your expertise. For example, don't downplay your last job management job and say it was just a staff job. Provide your employer or the HR department with your history in a brief, detailed format. Your skills are your best asset, and the company needs to know that!

Interview Tip #5: Be respectful to everyone.

Working in the HR Department, one comes across a lot of characters. Some people feel they need to be rude as soon as they walk through the door. Be polite to everyone you meet before, during, and after the interview. That receptionist may have more say than you think. The opinions of people who may turn out to be your future colleagues are important. As long as you heed your manners to everyone, you shouldn't have a problem with people looking at you in a bad light. The interview process is not just about the room you are questioned in and the answers you give, it also includes any phone conversations or lobby room chatter you come across along the way.

Interview Tip #6: Take a breather.

This will probably not be your last interview, or the one that will make or break your career. Or at least you shouldn't look at it that way! Relax and focus on the moment. If this job doesn't work out, the next one might be a better fit for you. Look at the whole thing in a positive light. Experience - as far as doing interviews goes - doesn't equate to disaster and may teach you something about yourself.

The interview process can sometimes be a tedious one, but hang in there! Everyone has to go through it at some point or another. The key is to master it by representing yourself and being true to your skills. Good luck!

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Article Title: Interview Tips: How to Approach the Higher-Ups
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